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November-26-2017 07:33 PM

Marist Brothers


(Philippine Sector)


The Philippine Sector Child Rights and Protection Program Committee conducted a seminar-workshop on PEER-CARE: DETECTING AND RESPONDING TO MANIFESTATONS OF ABUSE on November 20-21, 2017 at Mother Francisca Spirituality Center, General Santos City. The said training was Student Leaders participated in by the Guidance Counselors and student leaders from nine (9) Notre Dame Schools of Marbel Diocese and five (5) Marist Schools.

The two-day seminar workshop was aimed at: (1) providing student leaders information on Child Rights and Protection Policies of their respective schools; (2) knowing cases of abuse prevalent in the experiences of their peers.; (3) learning skills of detection and knowing appropriate steps of responding to cases of abuse; and (4) working in close supervision with their respective school guidance counsellors in providing assistance to fellow students experiencing abuse.

Dr. Shake Guevarra-Hocson, President of Philippine Child Rights Staff Guidance Association of the Philippines shared her expertise on the theme and taught the participants basic skills in administering psychological first-aid to abuse victims.

Fr. Teodulo P. Gonzales, S.J., Program Coordinator of the Center for Family Ministries of Ateneo de Manila University, spoke about categories of child abuse and its warning signs, hazards and risks and themes on child abuse recovery and resiliency. He engaged the participants in a workshop that guided them to come up with a Child Safe Plan for their respective schools.

One participant capped his experience in saying: “I have learned that there are still lots of people who still care about child abuse and it’s nice to see my fellow youth who share the same interest about the topic. I learned about the signs if a child is abused and suicidal and what to do about it appropriately.”


Photo attached:
Participants (photo top)
Working Team with the Resource Persons (Photo bottom)



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