SG: RIP - Br. John Lek Soon Tee, FMS

December-10-2017 08:05 PM

Marist Brothers

Marist Zeal Cross Br. John Lek


Brother Provincial of the Marist Brothers
and the community of

Champagnat House Community, Singapore
deeply regret to inform you of the death of

Brother John Lek Soon Tee, FMS
who died on 9th Dec, 2017
in the 77th year of his age
and the 56th year of his religious profession

Your pious suffrages are requested for the eternal repose of his soul.
Wake will be held on 10 -11 Dec 2017 8:00 pm at Champagnat House 15, Flower Road, Singapore 549404.
Funeral will be held on 12th Dec 2017 15:45 pm at Immaculate Heart Mary Church, Highland Road, Singapore followed by cremation at hall 3 of Mandai Crematory, Singapore


Br. John Lek Soon Tee, FMS (Religious name: Br. John Lek) was born on 27th Dec,1940 in Singapore. He entered our Juniorate in 1953 and then Postulancy in 1960 in Singapore. He underwent novitiate training in USA from 15th August 1960. He made his first profession in 1961 and then perpetually professed in 1966 in Sibu. He graduated from Marist College, USA in 1964 and obtained his professional diploma of education in Singapore in 1980.

He attended Renewal and formation courses in EAPI (1984); St. Beonos, Wales (1989); Sabatth Centre, USA (1997).

His ministry involve in teaching in Catholic High School, Sibu; St. Francis Xavier’s College, St. Francis Xavier’s School in Hong Kong, Maris Stella High School in Singapore, Haixing School in Zhangye, China.

He was appointed Provincial of China Province and served the post from 1989 to 1996. He volunteered to be involved in refounding Marist Mission in China from 1999 to 2010 which eventually bored fruit with a new Brother professed in 2010.

He returned to Singapore in 2014 to face his new challenge in life- cancer of Rectal Carcinoma. He endured a long suffering during treatment but he placed all this in the hand of our Lord. Finally the Lord called him to His side on 09 Dec 2017 in Singapore.


Bro. John Lek Soon Tee, FMS

Birthday: 27 December 1940 (77 years old)

Nationality: Singaporean


Events in the Life of a Brother:

Entry to Postulancy 01/01/1959 Champagnat House, Singapore
Began to Novitiate 08/15/1960 Poughkeepsie, (New York), USA
1st Profession 08/15/1961 Poughkeepsie, (New York), USA
2nd Profession 06/18/1962 Poughkeepsie, (New York), USA
3rd Profession 06/17/1963 Poughkeepsie, (New York), USA
4th profession 06/15/1964 Poughkeepsie, (New York), USA
5th Profession 12/15/1965 Sibu, Malaysia
Perpetual Profession 12/08/1966 Sibu, Malaysia


 Community Assignment:

01.01.1959       Champagant House, Singapore Postulant
08/15/1960 St. Ann’s Hermitage, Poughkeepsie, (New York) – USA Novice
1964 St. Joseph High School Teacher
1965-1969 Catholic High School, Sibu Teacher
1972-1974 SFXC Teacher
1974-1975 SFXC Teacher
1975-1978 Catholic High School, Sibu Teacher
1978-1981 Maris Stella High School, Singapore Teacher
1982-1984 Maris Stella High School, Singapore Principal
1985-1988 Maris Stella High School, Singapore V.Provincial
1989-1996 Champagnat House Provincial
1997-1998 Maris Stella High School, Singapore Superior
1999-2010 Mission in various part in China  
08/01/2010 Hong Kong Community, Kowloon, HK (Work in China)
2013 Hong Kong Community, Kowloon, HK Treasurer
06/01/2014 Champagant House, Singapore Superior
05/15/2017 Champagant House, Singapore  



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