Phil: Asia Formators' Meeting

January-25-2018 10:25 PM

Marist Brothers


The Asia Formators Meeting was held at MAPAC (Marist Asia Pacific Centre) from the 12th to 17th of January. In attendance were sixteen brothers coming from different countries who are working in formation houses from the Candidacy to the Post-Novitiate. The vision of the meeting was to make the itineraries for all stages of formation in Asia Region. The Message of the XXII General Chapter was introduced and reflected on in the meeting.

For the first few days, the participants had a chance to study the Message of the XXII General Chapter as well as the words of Br Ernesto in explaining what the term “A new La Valla” means for us. The term “Global Family” made a strong impression in the discussion as the invitation for each one to be available for mission in all parts of the world. The image of a balanced table with four legs was used by Br Ernesto to describe the “New Beginning”. The meeting also reviewed the seven points of the 2015 Colloquium on Formation.

After some days of reflecting and sharing on different messages and documents, the meeting started producing the itineraries for formation. Br Paco, who is the formator of the postulancy in Davao, introduced the draft of the itineraries prepared by the formation commission. There were different groups working on different stages of formation from Aspirancy to Post-Novitiate; they tried to build the complete and achievable itineraries for the formation program in Asia Region. The new draft of the itineraries were done with the thorough reflection and serious thought of all the members of the group.

The meeting ended with the thanksgiving message to MAPAC community and the brothers who were involved in preparing for the meeting. The work will be continued by the different groups in order to come up with a complete program and it will be implemented in the formation houses. (Br. Anton Cong Nguyen, FMS)


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