Phil: Towards Communion and Greater Vitality

August-03-2017 06:09 AM

Marist Brothers



The work of renewing the life-plan of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family (CMMF) across the Institute has taken forward steps. To date, advocacy has been promoted on the revitalization of the Movement through consultations and NDC CMMFpresentation of the revised CMMF Life Plan to the members of the family.

The CMMF Notre Dame Cotabato took part in this process when they convened on July 15, 2017 to pray together, to know the revised Life Plan, and to share reflections on the blessings they received and the desires they had towards invigorating lay Marist life. Members expressed that, among others, they felt a strong sense of a family within the group and membership to the CMMF provided them with rich formative opportunities and outreach activities for the poor. Many of them expressed their desires for on-going formation, expansion of membership, and strengthening more their relationship within the CMMF community. One member expressed: “I wish that through CMMF every member become more zealous in fulfilling one’s mission…”

The brothers in Cotabato community were present and they expressed encouraging support to the initiatives undertaken by the Marist laity. Through CMMF, members affirmed that the relationship of communion with brothers was deepened and nourished.




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