Phil: Who is Br. Pops(+)

August-03-2017 06:14 AM

Marist Brothers


Br. Fernando Armendez, FMS


I first met Bro. Pop in 1968 when I entered the Marist Juniorate in Lagao. Then in my two years (1970-72) in our novitiate, he was among the staff. I thank the good Lord for his presence in my years of formation.

A man of few words and I greatly appreciated him of being our driver when we did catechesis in Broce Elementary School, in Tenorio Elementary School and in marketing; Bro. Pop was our referee when we played basketball, umpire when we played softball.

He was a model for me when it comes to love of work. But his greatness comes from who he was. I always enjoyed listening to his Ilongo ballad. Bro. Pop and Bro. Leonard used to play chess together and what came out from their mouth were Ilonggo words...those were days. May God bless them till we meet them again in the next life.



Br. Rosendo J. Yee, FMS



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